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Anger in Kids, Child Development Topic of New Parenting Press Books

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What do you do with a child who is angry ALL the time?

How do you know what's normal with your baby?

Those two questions are why I'm writing you today.

Parenting Press has two new books, and they provide answers to these difficult questions.

What Angry Kids Need: Parenting Your Angry Child Without Going Mad was written by two extremely articulate mental health counselors who now practice in a Seattle suburb---but they met while working with some very difficult clients in Yakima. One started her career as the "sex abuse lady" (as the kids called her), providing abuse-prevention programs for young children.

What impresses me about this book is that besides offering coping strategies for parents and children, it explains why kids get angry, and what are legitimate reasons for that anger. It also gives parents a wake-up call, by pointing out that how they handle their own anger has a huge influence on their children. For more information on authors Jennifer Anne Brown, MSW, and Pam Provonsha Hopkins, MSW, please see

Is This a Phase? Child Development & Parent Strategies, Birth to 6 Years was written by a pediatric advice nurse/parent educator with 30 years of experience at Kaiser Permanente in the Bay Area.

Helen F. Neville has created a reference guide that answers the questions she's heard most often from parents---including those questions that too often surface in the middle of the night. She explains how infants develop into toddlers and then preschoolers, pointing out that although the pace of development for each child is different depending on temperament and energy level, each normally-developing child learns the same skills in the same order.

She has been interviewed by Bobbi Conner for three segments that will air on Parent's Journal, on many NPR stations, starting late in May. The book has also won NAPPA and trade journal awards. More info:

By the way, our all-time best-seller, The Way I Feel, is scheduled for a Spanish edition later this year. Feedback on this book continues to be overwhelmingly positive, including a multi-page letter from the father of an autistic child. The media kit is at

And if you display free resources for families, I hope you'll print out a copy of 'News for Parents," the monthly newsletter we make available via e-mail and online. No ads, and lots of book reviews, craft ideas, family fun suggestions, and every month, an idea for kids who need to do community service projects for school or youth groups. See for the current issue.

If you'd like more information, including contact information for these or other authors, do let me know.

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