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Karen Schneider Joins Equinox Software, Inc.

Karen Schneider Joins Equinox Software, Inc.
Norcross, GA –May 19, 2008
Equinox Software, Inc., the Evergreen Experts, welcomes Karen Schneider to the staff as Community Librarian. Karen will play
a key role in community liaison activities. She will also help build the Equinox brand and promote the use of open source
“I came to Equinox because, as a librarian who for sixteen years has worked with nearly every brand of library software, I
enthusiastically believe in open source,” explained Karen. “The scalability, interoperability, and support models for open source
library software make perfect sense for the library world and open almost limitless possibilities. I’m thrilled that by joining
Equinox I have become part of the future of libraries.”
“Karen joins Equinox at a vital moment, as we prepare to bring on more libraries and field enquiries every day from libraries
interested in Evergreen,” said Brad LaJeunesse, President of Equinox Software. “Karen’s industry experience and her knack for
communicating will help bring home the message that with Evergreen, mature, enterprise-quality open source library software
has arrived and is here to stay.”
Karen joins Equinox from the College Center for Library Automation, where she researched standards and emerging
technologies. Her library career path includes managing the popular portal Librarians’ Internet Index, managing a computer
network for a public library, directorships in rural and special libraries, children's librarianship, adult reference, academic library
systems management, and running a one-person Internet training business. Before her library career, Karen was an aircraft
maintenance officer in the U.S. Air Force. A native San Franciscan who has lived worldwide, Karen is a prolific writer who has
published two books and over 100 magazine articles and blogs regularly at Free Range Librarian. She holds degrees from
Barnard, University of Illinois (GSLIS 1992), and the University of San Francisco.
Karen can be reached by email at [email protected]
About Evergreen
Evergreen is powerful, enterprise-quality, open-source library software. Evergreen’s robust, fault-tolerant architecture is
engineered to scale elegantly from the needs of the smallest of libraries to very large, high-transaction, multi-site consortia.
Evergreen is also adaptive software that due to its service-oriented, standards-compliant design can nimbly evolve to meet
changing library needs and user expectations.
Evergreen was initially created in 2006 to support Georgia PINES, a consortium of over 270 public libraries, when it became
clear that no existing product could support the computational power required to support the daily transactions, indexing, and
library activities of a massive consortium representing almost every public library in Georgia. From its first week, Evergreen has
consistently outperformed expectations and resulted in acclaim and praise from users worldwide.
Evergreen has received significant attention, including a Technology Collaboration Award and grant from the Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation. Additional Evergreen implementations include a growing consortium in British Columbia, Canada, and new
implementations planned for the Michigan Library Consortium as well as libraries in Indiana.
About Equinox Software, Inc.
Founded by the original Evergreen designers and developers, Equinox Software is a growing team of skilled developers and other
professionals who provide soup-to-nuts support for Evergreen, the enterprise-grade, open-source Integrated Library System
(ILS). Equinox develops, supports, trains, migrates, integrates, and consults on Evergreen, and engages with the rapidlyexpanding
Evergreen community. Instead of one-size-fits-all support, Equinox works closely with libraries to ensure Evergreen is

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