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iCopyright Introduces Two New Instant Licensing Services

SEATTLE, Washington, June 4, 2008 -- iCopyright has launched two new instant licensing services that help online publishers promote lawful reuses of their copyrighted content while protecting their rights. These services are responsive to the explosive growth in blogging and social networking, where sharing valued content is appealing to readers but often vexing to the original publishers.

Instant PDF E-Prints are a unique innovation that will be embraced by web sites and intranets that wish to directly host authorized versions of a publisher’s content. The licensee instantly obtains a crisp rendering of the original article in a standard PDF file that can be posted on a site for a defined period. Licensees pay a modest fee to the publisher for the rights according to the duration of the posting. iCopyright monitors the site and automatically prompts the licensee to renew or remove the file when the license term expires.

The new Instant Web Post licensing service gives publishers two options for permitting reuse of content—by duration in months and by page view counts. Publishers can enable either of these options individually or give users a choice between the two. In either case, the original content is rendered in html and hosted by iCopyright so that the content can be secured and monitored for compliance.

“These new iCopyright services broaden the already wide spectrum of licensing options we offer to publishers of online content,” said Founder and CEO Mike O’Donnell in making the announcement. “We’re especially proud of the work our developers have done to respond to requests from users and publishers in creating these license types. Our Instant PDF E-Prints are an industry first.”

O’Donnell added, “What users want to do with third-party content and what publishers feel comfortable with are often miles apart. Our services bridge that gap, providing users with new choices and publishers with new licensing revenue. We now offer more ways to manage content licensing than any other service on the planet—and we have more in the works!”

iCopyright solves a problem that is common among online publishers: Allowing users to copy or share desirable articles quickly and easily while protecting and tracking a publisher’s proprietary content on the World Wide Web. Without erecting barriers to content, iCopyright makes it easy for consumers of content to be respectful of copyrights and publishers to profit from their copyrights when users wish to share content with others. Publishers using iCopyright include Advanstar, Associated Press, Boston Globe, Cygnus Business Media, Globe & Mail, Investors Business Daily, Penton Media, and hundreds more.

About iCopyright®
iCopyright ( is the intelligent copyright system for digital content. Founded in 1998, the Codie-Award winning service currently handles thousands of online permissions every day. iCopyright has generated millions of dollars in new licensing revenue for online publishers. iCopyright also markets Clip&Copy®, the media monitoring service that pushes iCopyright-tagged content to subscribers daily ( iCopyright is one of Online Magazine’s “Top 100 Companies that Matter The Most.”

Press Inquiries to iCopyright: Mike O’Donnell, CEO, iCopyright; 206-484-8561; [email protected].
Publisher Inquiries to iCopyright: Andrew Elston, Director of Publisher Services, 206-839-8540; [email protected].

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