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University of Prince Edward Island's Robertson Library Goes Live with Evergreen

Norcross, GA – June 6, 2008
Robertson Library at the University of Prince Edward Island in Charlottetown becomes the first academic library to run
Evergreen in production. The story of the lightning migration, from concept to execution in a month, is documented in the blog of
Mark Leggott, University Librarian:
Those who are interested can view the Library’s catalogue at:

The University was incorporated in 1969 by joining the rich traditions of two historic institutions: the Prince of Wales College
(founded in 1804) with St. Dunstan's University (founded in 1854) . Charlottetown is the provincial capital of Prince Edward
Island, in Canada's Maritimes. P.E.I. was French territory until ceded to England by the Treaty of Paris in 1763. It is known both
for its role as the “birthplace of the confederation” and also for its sandy beaches and recreational opportunities.
The Robertson library was built in 1975 and in addition to housing traditional resources (over 300,000 books, etc.), it provides
access to the world's digital resources while supporting undergraduate courses and the University's strong research programs,
particularly in veterinary medicine. As a part of the library's pioneering efforts in digital resources and in open source software, it
is not a surprise that it becomes the first academic library to run Evergreen.

Leggott observed that "The migration gave us access to a collaborative environment typical of the open source community and
provided staff at UPEI with a great opportunity to see why a move to an open system is the only way to go."
Further reflecting on the rapid, one-month migration from the idea to going live with Evergreen, he said: “This quick migration
was only possible with coordination by Grant Johnson at PEI and with the incredible support of the Equinox team, Dan Scott,
and an open source community that is helping redefine the information landscape.”

Equinox President, Brad LaJeunesse, concurred: “The University of Prince Edward Island's migration shows a new path to
implementation of Evergreen and one that is only possible with open-source software. They had the idea, and mostly did the
migration themselves with help from Equinox and the Evergreen community. We have been developing tools to speed up
migrations to Evergreen but one month from the first phone call to a running ILS is just amazing and a great credit to Mark,
Grant, Dan, and the rest of the staff at the Robertson Library as well as Dan and the Evergreen community.”

About Evergreen
Evergreen is an enterprise-grade open-source ILS initially created to support Georgia PINES, a consortium of over 270 public
libraries. Since its debut in September 2006, Evergreen has received significant attention from around the world, including the
reception of a Technology Collaboration Award and grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Additional Evergreen
implementations include a growing consortium in British Columbia, Canada, and new implementations planned for Indiana and
Michigan. Evergreen was designed from the ground up to be a flexible, fault-tolerant system capable of supporting libraries of all
sizes. Boasting a myriad of standards-compliant methods to access and control data, Evergreen is a robust platform that evolves
with the needs of even the most complex library system or consortium.
About Equinox Software, Inc.

Libraries interested in joining the open-source software revolution often face concerns over where to find the technical expertise
to take advantage of their desired software products. Equinox Software Inc., based in Norcross, Ga., is a firm dedicated to
working with libraries in all aspects of Evergreen, the enterprise-grade, open-source Integrated Library System (ILS).
Founded by the original Evergreen designers and developers, Equinox offers a wealth of experience and expertise in Evergreen
development, support and integration. Equinox specializes in customized packages designed for the specific requirements

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