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#1 International Best Seller: Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature by Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD


(Santa Fe, NM, February 17, 2020) Join Enneagram Press and PenPower Book Marketing Services in congratulating Santa Fe author Roxanne Howe-Murphy, EdD, on the release of her revised and updated book, Deep Living with the Enneagram: Recovering Your True Nature, a #1 International best selling book. Released on February 14, 2020, Deep Living with the Enneagram will take you on a journey from disconnection to wholeness. Discover what it means to heal the roots of inner struggle and recover your innate capacity for wholeness.

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Announcing the Release of "Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings" by Christine Warren


(Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 11, 2017) Flame Lantern Press is pleased to announce the release of Christine Warren’s groundbreaking book “Navigating Change: Conscious Endings, Visionary Beginnings.” Thomas Amelio, President of the New York Open Center, offers the following: “Masterful, combines laser-like insights with a radiant spirit that makes you want to jump into the adventure of life!”

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49 Tips & Insights for Understanding Addiction by Juan Blea, MA, LADC


Santa Fe, New Mexico – March 21, 2016. Addicts and their self-destructive behavior can be exasperating, confusing, and heartbreaking for families, friends and therapists touched by their loved ones’ journey toward recovery. In 49 Tips and Insights for Understanding Addiction, author Juan Blea urges readers to approach addiction from a place of compassion and love rather than judgment and anger.

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