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DRUID's author, Barbara Galler-Smith Editor Guest of Honor at Manitoba's Keycon Science Fiction Convention


By HadesPub (not verified) - Posted on 28 July 2010

For Immediate Release

(Calgary) EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing is pleased to announce that EDGE author Barbara Galler-Smith has accepted the invitation to be "Editor" Guest of Honor at Keycon 2011, Winnipeg's Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention, May 20th - 22nd, 2011.

Barbara has been asked to be one of the GOHs in recognition for her work on On Spec magazine, where she has been an editor for the last 3 years.

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EDGE's Green Monkeys!


What do marmoset monkeys, jelly fish, humans, and Science Fiction have in common?
They all have the potential to glow green.
In a recent article in the Calgary Herald, scientists have taken the fluorescent gene found in jelly fish and spliced it with a marmoset monkey embryo; all for development in human medical breakthroughs. The result? A monkey that now glows green under a fluorescent light.

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“Captain Fantasy” Launches International Awareness Campaign at the World Fantasy Convention.


(Calgary, Alberta)

“It didn’t start out that way”, says Brian Hades. “It was in the Hallowe’en edition of the Calgary Herald newspaper and the moniker just stuck”.

“Captain Fantasy” was the name splashed across the front page of the Entertainment section, under an enormous colour photograph of a grey haired, “Godfather-like” character seated in a 1950s style diner surrounded by two gorgeous space aliens.

The article, which spread over two pages, was the beginning of a media blitz bringing attention to one of Calgary's best kept secrets.

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