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New York Public Library and Kirtas Technologies Partner to Make 500,000 Public-Domain Books Available to the World


ROCHESTER, N.Y., SEPTEMBER 29, 2009 – Readers and researchers looking for hard-to-find books now have the opportunity to dip into the collections of one of the world’s most comprehensive libraries to purchase digitized copies of public domain titles. Through their Digitize-on-Demand program, Kirtas Technologies has partnered with The New York Public Library to make 500,000 public domain works from the Library’s collections available (to anyone in the world).

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"Invest in Knowledge” provides funding for digitization and an investment for the future


ROCHESTER, N.Y., JULY 02, 2009 – At Kirtas Technologies, mass digitization has always been viewed as a long-term investment. By bringing centuries’ worth of rare bound materials back to life for the digital age, digitization becomes an investment in the future and new technology. Today, it also becomes an investment in knowledge that anyone can make.

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Penn Libraries and Kirtas Technologies team up to make more than 200,000 books available for research and purchase


TOOLS OF CHANGE CONFERENCE, NEW YORK CITY, FEBRUARY 10, 2009 – Since 2001, Kirtas Technologies has worked with the world’s most renowned libraries to bring rare, out-of-copyright books into the digital age, making centuries-worth of books available to the world.

Today, Kirtas announces a partnership with the University of Pennsylvania Libraries to make over 200,000 titles available to the public in a unique way.

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