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LISWire Testimonials

Blake Carver has been described by Library Journal as "Half-techie and half-librarian". Who better to create a vibrant and up-to-the-minute librarian's newswire?

Voted a "Mover & Shaker" by Library Journal in 2002, LJ chose Carver for the honor in recognition of his creation of LISNews in 1999. Blogs back then were one-person shows, not communities, and Carver wanted to hear what other people had to say--so he started LISNews, where on a daily basis, he and his contributors post their own news and opinions about libraries (the breastfeeding-in-the-library controversy, the fortune found in the library book...), outrages (Washington State Library to close...), censorship and other court battles (CIPA, the right to hyperlink...), interesting web sites (the librarians' guide to feline law...) and such. Robin K. Blum (aka birdie)'s journalistic prowess and knowledge of the publishing and bookselling industries complement Carver's expertise in the field.

LISNews has become a thriving online community that is visited by thousands of people each day; another 2000 librarians subscribe to the mailing list. Now LISWire too will be the place for librarians and library afficianadoes to post and read library news every day of the week, 24-hours a day.